Derek van der Merwe
photographer, visual communicator and conceptualiser
advanced post production photography services

“Mohammed cannot go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed.” Powerful post production software and highly developed skills take trick photography to a different often cost saving level. Collages and composites of various subjects are combined into single images, sometimes with the accent on blatant surrealism, sometimes just a hint of visual illusion and sometimes with total fidelity.

This is best done by the photographer as image manipulator him or herself, aligning with great accuracy perspectives, lens angles and lighting of the different elements as to obtain maximum fidelity of the combined final image.

Post production includes 360 degree panoramas, deep etching, retouching of damaged product sample photos, books, calendar and CD cover layouts and photography, block mounted canvas poster prints, animated slide shows, traditional realistic darkroom effects like cross processing, toning, alternative photographic processes like palladium prints, albumen prints, tin type prints and many others.

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